It Lives It Breathes Release New Single For Pro Wrestler

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You read that right! It Lives It Breathes took their brand of rock to the wrestling world!

It Lives It Breathes, premier new track titled “Elevated” which was written by the group for professional wrestler Will Ospreay. Elevated will be used as the wrestlers theme song and will also double as a new single, which is the first we’ve seen from the band since the release of their debut album, Silver Knights, last June.

The song is a very well mixed track of stadium rock and active rock. You can get a feel for an experience of big hair and pyro technics as well as a club vibe with lights and tons of fog. This band has always been one to blur the lines of genres to not be pigeon holed outside of just being a rock band.

Rumor has it, the group has been in the studio working on a new album and is working on plans to tour Europe
Frontman of It Lives It Breathes, Kevin Lacerda, had this to say:
“I’ve been a diehard fan of Pro Wrestling since childhood so when Will asked us to write his entrance Theme it was a dream come true. Together we crossed the boundaries of Independent Wrestling and Underground Music to create something truly special” 
Check out the video for the new track “Elevated” below.

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