Issues Played A Secret Show In ATL And Gave Us The Scoop!

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The band Issues is not a band with a short memory. They remember where they came from and are proud of it. Hailing from Atlanta, GA, these boys know how to bring the party with lots of love to those who been there from day 1. This past weekend they played a sold out secret show at the Drunken Unicorn outside of downtown ATL. Passing by this place, you would never knew it existed much less find it even if you did know. From the road, it looks like a graffiti box with a nice restaurant on top along with a small parking deck. This is not where the fans of Issues across the world imagine or would ever think they’d see the band play, but one idea and a social media marketing strategy paved the way.

Though we were not there as media, we were the only press outlet at this event. So with the band being accessible throughout the night and talking to people, I made it a point to find out how in the world this whole idea even came to be. Even more, Solid State artist To Speak Of Wolves was the sole support band and if you have ever heard their music, it doesn’t fit the usual Issues show bill. With his permission to be quoted, I spoke with Issues drummer Josh Manuel candidly about how this whole thing came together.

Josh Manuel:” I live in ATL, me and my wife came here. We saw Citizen here actually, then a month ago I saw He Is Legend, who by the way just dropped a new record and it’s really sick, we saw them here and the show was crazy. This would be a really fun venue to play and we have a festival this Sunday (Editor: this was referring to 98 Rockfest in Charleston, SC that took place this past weekend) we figured instead of a weekend of rehearsal why not just play a show and knock the dust off. We only promoted the show through Instagram stories and personal stuff, not a ton of main channels.”

The promoting via social media accounts proved to be successful as a few days before, it was noted as sold out. It seemed easier to do this back in the day before everything was online, so it’s impressive nothing major about the show exploded bigger than it’s promotion allowed. In a separate planned interview with Gage Speas, frontman of To Speak Of Wolves, about their new record he said about the show:

Gage Speas: “We have been in ATL for a month with Matt McClellan, and he texted us maybe a month ago and said Issues wanted us to be on their secret show, and we said yeah. The band texted Matt asking if he had any bands in the studio and he said us and they’re like perfect. Tyler (Issues co-frontman) texted Phil (TSOW drummer) and they’ve been going back and forth ever since then and they’re awesome, awesome dudes!”

On stage also, the 2nd of the two encores, the band stated that that was their last time playing ‘King of Amarillo’ as well. The video below came from a Facebook live video so skip ahead to the 14min mark to find it and the setlist underneath!



Posted by Trenton E. Worsham on Friday, April 28, 2017


  1. Blue Wall
  2. Mad at Myself
  3. COMA
  4. Princeton Ave
  5. Yung & Dum
  6. Never Lose Your Flames
  7. Home Soon
  8. Life of a Nine
  9. Love Sex Riot
  10. Sad Ghost
  11. Flojo
  12. Stingray Affliction
  13. The Realest
  14. Disappear (Remember When)
  15. Slow Me Down
  16. Hooligans
  17. King of Amarillo




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