INTERVIEW: Watch Our Conservation W/ Famous Last Words!

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Famous Last Words had a short tour this past April in which we were able to catch up with them in Spartanburg, SC at the world-famous Ground Zero nightclub. This wasn’t our first rodeo with the band as we spoke with the band just late last year. You can see that HERE. Though being fairly recent, they weren’t able to disclose much about their new record, which wasn’t released then, called ‘The Incubus’. Vocalist JT Tollas was under the weather and explains ‘tour sickness’ then we get into some awesome stuff after touching on that!


April Tour

In the interview, we touched on the tour they were on at the time with The Funeral Portrait, Convictions along with local support from Broken Testimony and Messenger Down, who began playing during and can be heard in the background a bit later.

JT mentioned it was about a 10-day tour and explains that tour purpose was they went to LAUNCH music festival and so much time off after. So before their Canadian tour, they decided to book a tour vs staying off the road. He mentions aside from industry people, tons of fans were at LAUNCH also and it was great for networking.

The Incubus Concept

As mentioned above, the prior interview we couldn’t get much into the new record out via Revival Recordings. This go around, we were able to FINALLY get some stuff out about the album.

JT goes into saying it’s about a stay at home mom in the 50’s who mysteriously starts blacking out. Each time she blacks out she has these horrible nightmares, though he didn’t want to give away the ending for those new fans who may haven’t listened or got it yet. He did say the music video for the song ‘Pretty In Porcelain’ is actually the first nightmare the mom in the story has.

With a husband and a son, he goes into saying she is stuck in the gender roles of post-WWII women, who basically couldn’t do much. With that and nightmares it becomes a twisted story.

Album Concept Origin

We asked him where all this came from and he says one day at night he wakes up and has this idea. He tried telling his girlfriend about it then another member of the band after and went into researching these things. He gives us that he learned a lot from this about what was going on with the character which turns out to be sexual abuse which she finds out as the record goes on. Many people he says have been touched by this story due to experiencing this themselves while learning about it all and being uneducated about the topic.

How Touring Has Impacted Him + End

We ask how has touring impacted him and he basically says people are the same and different everyone. He goes into how when you’re on tour you really see how small the world really is.

We close with a question about covering a Disney song for a hypothetical Punk Goes Disney and JT tells us his daughter would love him *more* for doing…

….watch to find out which song he would cover 😉



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