Interview: Tobin Esperance (Bass Player) Papa Roach

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papa roach chats with Southeast Pit Report Interview: Tobin Esperance (Bass Player)
Band: Papa Roach
Date: 1/14/15
By: Terry Dobbins

 Hey everyone, Terry here from Southeast Pit Report, today we’re at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland with Tobin from Papa Roach. How are you today?

 Tobin Esperance: Doing good, this is the 5th day of the tour, and it’s a could tour, but we’re having a lot of fun, it’s been good so far.

 Terry: How has the live reception been for the singles that are included on the set-list for this tour?

 Tobin: It’s been good, you know, we’ve been playing a lot of the newer songs and they have a certain energy about them that we demand a lot of crowd participation if you will. And I think it’s gonna take some time for people to kind of match the energy that we present on stage because every crowd’s different and I think people are still taking it in and soaking it up. Our goal is to get people up out of their seats and jumping out of their skin. This is really the time to do that, when you go to a rock show, it’s not really, for me I really don’t like it when people are just sitting down, you know, taking videos on their phones. For me this is the time I feel like people should be living in the moment, the last tribal experience where people gather and there’s music bringing them together, and you’re just supposed to let loose and go completely wild. But you know, there’s been a couple of nights where I’m really surprised by the reaction, and there’s been a couple nights of people like “I don’t know that song, play the old ones”. I think it’s just gonna take time, once the record comes out though, I know that the momentum’s really gonna pick up.

 Terry: What’s your favorite song to play on the current set-list?

 Tobin: My favorite song right now is a new song called Broken As Me.

 Terry: You’re currently on tour with Seether, Kyng, and Islander, which of these 3 do you absolutely have to catch every night?

 Tobin: Honestly, I haven’t seen any of the bands yet. I walked by the stage the other day, only cause I’ve been sick, hiding out on the bus, just trying to rest up. But I walked by the stage on the way to the dressing room the other day, I heard Kyng playing a cover of “Hot For Teacher” and they fucking nailed it. So I haven’t seen anymore, but I got time. And I’ve seen a lot of Seether, we’ve toured together in the past, and they’re just a solid band, they’ve got great songs. I think all the bands bring a different kind of energy and a different style to this tour. I think people that come out to the show, they’ll be excited cause you’re not getting bashed up in the head with the same kind of band or music for 5 hours. 

 Terry: Papa Roach has been a band since the early 90’s, what keeps you guys going and inspired to keep rolling out new material every few years?

 Tobin: I think what inspires us is the simple things like our fans, hearing the stories about how our songs effect them personally. We have a real personal connection with our fans and that helps. I think also to, our own lifes, our own struggles, our own trials and tribulations, this is kind of like our outlet for it it, ya know? This is what we do, and it’s an amazing job, it’s fun, this is our creative outlet, and this is what we’ve been doing together since ’93. So it’s kind of hard to imagine us doing anything else. We’re always wanting to grow, top what we did last time, we’re always trying to make better songs, put on a better live show, it’s always about trying to top ourselves and keep the story going, and keep the momentum going.

 Terry: What’s the craziest item a fan has ever asked you to sign?

 Tobin: I’ve signed crazy shit, somebody gave me their prosthetic leg before, I’ve signed all kinds of various body parts but that’s
kinda gross. Let’s see, I remember one time this chick wanted us to sign her dildo, I thought that was really weird. I didn’t even want to touch it but I think I ended up doing so, and I turned out alright.

 Terry: Wrapping it up, what does Papa Roach have in store for the rest of 2015 and after the release of F.E.A.R.?

 Tobin: We’re just going to tour relentlessly through 2015 and even on into ’16. We’re gonna be going, after this tour in the States, to Australia, we’re going to Japan, we’re going to the UK, we’re going to Europe, we tour a lot. Eastern Russia, we’re trying to hit up some new markets, we’re trying to get back to South America. We have a world-wide thing going on right now, so we’ll pretty much be touring the world for the next couple of years. And then we’ll come back to America in the summer time and be doing all the big festivals, and radio shows and doing some of our own headliners.

 Terry: Anything else you’d like to add?

 Tobin: Check us out on and get all the updates, the record’s coming out January 27th, we got some surprises on the new record, we got a song featuring Maria Brink from In This Moment, and a song from Royce da 5’9, who’s a rapper out of Detroit. Just get up on the Instagram, the Twitter, stay informed!


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