INTERVIEW: Reason Define

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Reason Define are a band of ladies from North Carolina that have become a staple in the Carolinas. Soon, they will be known throughout the world. With a CD release show drawing over 500 people at the Fillmore Underground in Charlotte, their trajectory seems to be up. Watch the video below for more about these soon to be rock stars.


Formerly The Reason You Stayed, they told us after a year or two they wanted a more mature name. They each “defined” the reason for their purpose and what they wanted to achieve. Hence the name Reason Define.

Recording “Far From Strangers”

Despite being from NC, Reason Define’s debut LP was recorded in Ohio. Originally planned as an EP, they were encouraged to pump out a full length. We get a good blend of styles as some were written as early as 5 years ago!

Being An Unsigned Band/All Girl Band

We went into challenges unique to them as a band on the rise. With no backing from suits, Reason Define sort of face their challenges with no major financial support. They also talk to us about being a female band and whether or not they want to be known for that or a great band that happens to be all female. Their answer was a surprise for me to hear!

Click the video above to get the full scoop vs reading these bullets.




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