Interview: James DeBerg of Thousand Below talks signing with Rise and More

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Thousand Below is a new band that is already making a name for themselves. With two singles and a tour with Youth In Revolt and Light Up The Sky they are coming out of the gates in full force. If this tour is coming near you catch it for sure because Thousand Below are gonna be a name to know.

Nick: So being signed this year was obviously a big deal, how was this handled as a band and did you see it coming?

James: This was handled as professionally as possible in our camp with a heavy amount of excitement mixed in. Signing with Rise is a huge deal for us, once we had the first few songs finished up we were pretty sure some label out there would be interested, but everything that happened blew our expectations out of the water.

Nick: Being a newer band the first few songs of your career are impactful obviously, how has it been seeing both of your debut singles receive such high praise?

James: It’s really so awesome seeing such a large and overall positive response to our first couple songs, first impressions are huge when it comes to bands being released into the scene and sometimes the internet can be rather critical. Seeing all the positive feedback and seeing how many views/streams the songs are getting is mind blowing for us, and really helps us believe that our band is going somewhere. Huge thanks to anyone who’s taken a listen so far.

Nick: So this tour you have coming up how have you guys mentally prepared for it being your first tour under Rise Records?

James: It’s our first tour as a project, this band needed as much road experience as we can get before we end up on bigger longer tours. We’re really stoked to get out on the road and connect with people before the album comes out. Mentally we’re all just keeping a positive mindset no matter what happens and trying our best.

Nick: Your single Sinking Me just dropped a few days ago and everyone is saying it has a very Underoath-ish vibe to it, are they a band that has maybe inspired you guys at all and what are some other bands you guys look up to?

James: I think anyone in the post-hardcore world would be lying if they said Underoath wasn’t a huge inspiration to them. We grew up on underoath, I remember being in high school hearing reinventing your exit for the first time and being hooked. Personally, I feel this single is one of the least ‘underoath-like’ songs on the record, there are some other songs on the record that fall easier into that vein of music. Other bands, we look up to are Architects, TDWP, BMTH, and our friends in Capsize.

Nick: You have a record coming out in the Fall, what can you tell us about that if anything at all?

James: It comes out in fall, it’s awesome, there is literally a song on there for every type of hardcore/metalcore/post-hardcore/emo music listener you could imagine. It’s diverse, it’s emotional, and its the realest thing I’ve ever been apart of making and I’m proud of it.

Nick: So here’s a fun one. If you were stuck on an island and could only have one CD what would that be?

James: I would download the entire Drake discography onto one CD and live happily ever after.

Nick: As we wrap up just wanna thank you for giving me the time to speak with you is there any kind of news or shout outs you guys would like to make?

James: Rise Records is seriously the best, our manager Jason at Royal Division is a legend and handles everything like a boss, Eric our booking is absolutely the man. We have such a great team and we’d be nothing without them supporting us. And finally a huge shout out to anyone who’s played, streamed, or purchased either of our singles so far, seeing such a great response out the gate is amazing and we’re grateful for everything.

Once again thanks to James from Thousand Below for giving me the time to ask these questions and don’t forget you can catch Thousand Below on tour currently with Youth In Revolt and Light Up The Sky! Check out their debut single below!

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