INTERVIEW: Islander No Longer On Victory Records;Begin Tour With New Lineup

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We got to chat with our old friend, Mikey Carvajal, frontman for Islander at a recent show in Greenville, SC. Greenville is Mikey and new drummer Andrew Felming’s hometown, it’s where the band began and before their current tour with He Is Legend, To Speak Of Wolves, and Bad Seed Rising, they kicked off a hometown show with To Speak Of Wolves in which we caught up with the band about all the recent happenings.

Leaving Victory Records

Mikey made it clear that he doesn’t want anyone thrown under the bus with the departure being that every band has had some stuff to say after leaving. The band felt it was time to move on the label agreed to part ways, basically it’s a nothing to see here type of thing. He made sure to let everyone know to continue to support the bands on Victory Records. He loves the idea of being a free agent as other labels have since come knocking on the door with offers, their hasn’t been a answer if they want to continue with a label, as he states they are becoming increasingly unneeded, or go the way of being independent.

New Lineup

Once again the band have been having member changes with a new lineup. Former Confide/Avenged Sevenfold drummer Arin Ilejay left due to having a baby and needing to be home while former ForeverAtLast bassist Zeke had their third baby and finacially couldn’t keep touring. Love And Death member JR Bareis left to pursue normal life after being on tour since the age of 15. They made the choice in December to creatively announce it by burying the members in the music video for ‘Casket’.

New Music

The band is playing a new song called ‘Summer’ on the tour in which is set along with another new song to be released together. Listen to the interview for all the news regarding the new music!

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