INTERVIEW: Fire From The Gods

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Many know the story of the fallout between Backwordz frontman Eric July splitting from Fire From The Gods awhile ago. While July’s new band has thrived, all eyes have been on Fire From The Gods on if they can deliver with a new face. The answer was yes. In this new interview we spoke with that new face about being a band with a message, touring, and the re-release of “Narrative Retold”.

This is also the last of our sponsored portion in which bands would pay to be featured on these. All of the release after this from Carolina Rebellion will be of just the bands being talked too. We would like to thank every single band who did this because it is hard to keep bills paid while not making anything off this. We do this because we love it and have to find creative ways to make some ends meet with this. So again, thanks to every single band who helped us out and got featured. We know from the numbers it really helped them out too, this will not be the end though. We will make this a regular thing so if we talk to your favorite band let us know if you want to be featured also!

Band Sponsor: Skylight Heights

Aspiring from day one to become the greatest act in the world, Skylight Heights is always striving to create a distinctive and musical sound with inspired songwriting.

Known for bringing crowds to life, Skylight Heights hits the stage with extremely energetic shows including smoke blasters and LED effects.

The ambitious 4-piece recorded their latest EP “..And the Crownless Shall Be King” and “Shatter” with Matt Dalton at 37 Studios.

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