Interview: Chad(Guitarist) American Head Charge

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Chad Hanks guitarist of Aminterview with Southeast Pit Reporterican head charge  Hey everyone, this is Terry from Southeast Pit Report and today we’re in Baltimore with Chad from American Head Charge.

 SPR: How are you today?

 Chad Hanks (Guitarist) – Not horrible.

 SPR – So you guys are releasing an album later this year titled “Tango Umbrella”, your first in about 10 years? Tell us a little about that.

 Chad – first album proper in 10 years, yeah. I can’t even believe it’s getting made. I pretty much kind of wrote this whole thing off in 2008/2009 when I thought we were done. I thought they very last thing that would happen would be I’d hear back from Cameron or Singher and start to hear vocals on demos and stuff like that. But low and behold, almost 2 years of silence from him living in California and me living in Minneapolis, and us being the 2 guys who started the band, I just thought it was done. We did an Indiegogo campaign, we surpassed our goal of the money to make the record, so just the fact that there were fans willing, after 6 years to dump money into this kind of like, blind “well, we liked em then, hopefully they’ll figure it out” and us having a propensity for past drug use and things like that, I’m surprised anyone even gave us a dime, they’re like “they’re just gonna spend it on booze, and dope, like nothing will happen” or something like that. The main thing is I’m just grateful the record actually got made, cause people give a shit.

 SPR – You guys recently signed to Napalm records, tell us a bit about that.

 Chad – They’re based out of Austria, they’ve got DevilDriver, they signed Coal Chamber recently, Cavalera Conspiracy, kind of a black metal label. They’ve got a lot of really really heavy shit. They were one of the labels that we talked to as we started to realize we made the money to get the record done and that we need to be able to put it out to the world at large in as many different ways as possible. And having them behind us to be able to put that out to everybody and to market it and actually let people know we’re back together. There’s people that, 2 years into us being back together a couple years ago, they’re like “I just found out” cause we didn’t have labels dumping money into marketing, interviews, getting us revolver and just blanketing every possible tiny area of media that they could. So it’s been a real grassroots, kind of uphill battle to let people know. But with Napalm behind us now, I think it’s gonna be a nice little marriage. 

 SPR – What can fans expect to see out of American Head Charge on this tour, that aren’t necessarily familiar with the band?

 Chad – It’s easier to say if you’re familiar with the band, people actually play their instruments correctly now and not falling over, and it turning into some horrendous, uh we had a lot of bad days back in the day. We were kind of a mess at certain points. If you’ve never seen us before and you’re coming to see, and it really depends on what bands we’re playing with, I think one of our charms is that we have a lot of different types of songs. It’s not like you put the CD on and track 2 is interchangeable with track 7, which is pretty close to track 9, which kind of reminds you of that one part in track 4, and it’s this kind of bland oatmeal with nothing in it kinda thing. I think we have a nice flow and arc, and all those different weird words. I think pretty much if you like any kind of heavy music that you’ll find something in us that you’ll like. 

 SPR – Are you guys playing any new music on this tour?

 Chad – Yeah, we have a 30 minute set on the Coal Chamber Tour, so we’re doing 7 songs, and I think 3 or 4 of those are actually new. A solid 3, we’ve been trying to cram another one in there. On the headlining set when we have off dates, I think we’re doing 5 new ones, so they’re definitely in there. 

 SPR – And last but not least, what’s the weirdest item a fan’s ever asked you to sign?

 Chad – The 2 that come to mind was an actual baby. They came before the show, had a baby that was 4 months old kinda thing, and it was “sign the baby!, right on the stomach. I’m like “isn’t this probably bad?” And they’re like “don’t worry about it”. And I’m not a parent, I’m not gonna tell em what to do. So signing the baby was one. Do you remember me signing that ass hole? Like literally an ass hole. It’s really hard to sign an ass hole. It’s not really a flat surface, you have to kind of go in and out. It was weird too cause it was at the mercy booth, and she was pretty, she just got up on the table and dropped trow, spread her cheeks and said sign my asshole. Then the bus driver said “it’s time to leave guys, sorry”. So those were the 2 probably stranger ones I’ve ever signed.

 SPR – Anything else you’d like to add?

 Chad – A thank you to anybody that helped us out with the campaign to get the record made, it’s gonna be out July 31st on Napalm Records, it’s called Tango Umbrella. It’ll be on iTunes, Spotify, obviously better if you buy it through our website if you want digital copies, cause all that money goes to us. But with Napalm pressing actual discs, it should be in stores, Best Buy, so keep an eye out for it and we’re back! 

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