INTERVIEW: Barry of Three Days Grace

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We got a chance to talk to a band that I think tons of us knew and loved in high school and middle school. That band is Three Days Grace. Angsty messages of ‘I hate everything about you’ being your MySpace greeting or sending someone lyrics to express your love for them in some way. They were a band who introduced tons of people to alternative metal, being heavy and aggressive with a melodic catchy radio friendly side, getting slots with Warped Tour type bands as well as established rock icons.

Three Days Grace is a bit older now and with a different face singing these classic tunes, but they aren’t going anywhere soon as Barry tells us, the fans coming to shows are still younger as they hear about them via brothers/sisters/moms/dads.

Band Sponsor: If, Tomorrow

If, Tomorrow was started from the ashes of an old project that never saw the light of day. None of us ever really thought we’d take it as far as to record music and tour. After our first show, the bug had bitten. Within a few months, we had what is now “Lifeline” written. A few members came and went since our start in 2015, but right now, the machine is at peak performance. We haven’t played a show since 2016, but that’s soon about to change. “Lifeline”, our debut, is very dark, very sad. It’s meant to be that way. That’s why the artwork for it is one of the most beautiful sights one of us has seen. The future is incredibly promising, we have no intentions of slowing down after this release.
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