Improve Your Social Media Marketing Part I

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In a world that is highly desensitized, overrun with selfies and memes there’s a lot to say about social media. Where does it come into play with small business, though? What’s the importance and crucial elements of proper social media marketing? Even though we spend so much time enslaved to  technology and scrolling our news feeds mindlessly we rarely reflect on the adverse effects our posting to these platforms can have on our brand. When done correctly, social media can be a highly effective tool in propelling your company or bands newest products or release. So commonly simple mistakes are made, minor details overlooked or the mediums are just incorrectly used for marketing.




Surely when posting a photo of your lunch there’s no complexity to it; however, when promoting a tour, targeting demographic region, or even releasing new material there’s a special level of attention that needs to be had. Let’s explore some of the common mistakes many bands and companies generally make.

Do NOT treat every social media platform the same.

-Twitter is not Instagram, Facebook is not Twitter, and you should treat each of these should be treated as an individual outlet. Cross promoting can be beneficial by linking the accounts together thus saving time. However, posts translating between platforms can cause a great decrease in post reach. Which brings me to my next topic: ​over posting kills the amount of news feeds your post will appear in.
Quality over quantity when it comes to Facebook is important. When you have a higher level of engagement, or pay to boost posts you will find your post reach number increases greatly. Without financially investing in your posts, unless you share intensively, you will notice “people reached” to stay consistently low. When you have a successful post (more engagement, sharing, or commenting) you will notice your subsequent post will also reach more news feeds. Reason being, those who have shown interest will be presented the next post. If they do not continue to regularly engage though, Facebook shuffles away your posts, and only shows it to the normal percent for unpaid posts which is about 10-20% of your fan base, or page likes. In the reverse, ​under posting can also kill the amount of news feeds your posts will reach as will posting all the days doings at once.

​      Space things out evenly, and make sure the content is something that will peak interest. Save random thoughts for twitter, pictures of your practices or set ups for Instagram. This will also encourage people to seek you on other social networking sites or apps. ​Strategic targeting for ad placement DOES pay off.

​      Using the paid post reach to centralize your audience ensures the ads will appear in only the news feeds that matter. Targeting your posts down to a smaller region also keeps your newsfeed clutter free as those posts are only viewable to the radius and demographic selected. For example, if your band is playing a tour in Chicago. You would find it most beneficial to place an advertisement and target it to only a certain radius to that town, and then place a small budget on this campaign. Promoters and venues will also appreciate the effort you are putting forth in promotion, thus opening the door for future endeavors.
Create a cult like following by utilizing hashtags, consistent monikers, and an identifiable image.

​     Consistency is important, as trends change, human nature does not. This is why branding is so important in everything you do. Creating the brand is half the battle; it’s sustaining that image you’ve created for company or band that proves to be a challenge. However with creating an
“identifier,” you open the doors to compartmentalize interactions to be used for future promotion, or to simply collect information on your target audience.

The important bullet points to take from this article are to understand that in the business end of the industry; marketing is 75% content/business and 25% psychology. Understanding your audience is very important. Using sites like Twitter to engage your fans and communicate openly provides them a personalized experience. Where applications like Instagram offer fans a glimpse into your world through pictures. Using a consistent hashtag, proper ad placement, and strong branding alongside these methods will give your band or company the cutting edge in today’s social media market.

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Christine Collins is a member of the board of Directors for the North American Independent Rock Music Awards and Saranac Lake Youth Center. Having grown up in the heart of the Adirondacks in a small town called Saranac Lake, Christine is self taught and garners her knowledge through experience. She boasts a resume of owning and successfully running several companies, as well as being an educator within the music industry. With a head tip to old school ways, and a creative delivery, Christine has managed to become increasingly successful in her endeavors at the ripe age of 29. The world opened it's door to her career in the music industry when Christine was just 14. Despite the inevitable setbacks that come with running one's own business, she continues to thrive as a Social Media Marketing Manager, Branding Manager, Journalist, Photographer, as well as an Educator. She currently attends Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter: UpstateCCP

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