Icarus the Owl release stop-motion music video for “Coma Dreams”

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Typical music videos are usually something along the lines of a band performing live with some kind of storyline that is either incorporated with the band playing or separate altogether. Icarus the Owl decided to abandon that altogether and come out with one of the most creatively inspiring music videos of 2017. Their sound originates from the more progressive post-hardcore scene that has bands like DGD, Stolas, and A Lot Like Birds.

This music video comes right after the release of 2 other singles, Dream Shade and Failed Transmissions, both which are unique in their own ways. However, the attention to detail on their newest music video is something to admire even if you don’t find the music all the exciting. It takes on a journey of the two main characters who are both in comas but communicate their love for each other through their dreams. While the message is nothing new, the amount of work put into the music video is something not many bands would think of or attempt to do.

Coma Dreams as a song stays interesting, with plenty of harmonies to back up the powerful vocals provided by their singer Joey. This song stays more laidback throughout its entirety, while other songs they’ve released from their upcoming album are a bit more intricate in their instrumentation. It has a subtle catchiness to it that brings you in while never becoming monotonous compared to the mainstream songs we hear on the radio.

Putting a bass intro was a nice touch as well, seeing as their previous 2 singles started off with guitar and full band. There are random moments that you hear a piano or vibes make an entrance, adding various different little elements for the listener to focus on with each new listen. Particularly in the bridge when we get the repetitive piano lick that quickly builds up in the drums and the rest of the band as well. Check out the music video for yourself down below!

You can pre-order their new album titled “Rearm Circuits” on their website down below, which comes out on December 1st. Just in time for their run with Dance Gavin Dance, Polyphia, and Wolf & Bear.


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