HUNDREDTH change up their sound with new full length

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Album: RARE
Release Date: 6.16.2017
FFO: Title Fight, Citizen, Superheaven, Turnover

HUNDREDTH have been widely regarded as one of the leading hardcore bands in the scene, with a discography going back to 2010. With their newest release they’ve decided to stray away from the traditional hardcore sound and embrace more shoegaze influences. One would think this could have been due to a change in producer, yet Sam Pura, who also produced their last release FREE, is the producer on this newest album. Not to mention the 2 song EP they released last year, which seems to be the transitioning point of when they decided to change up their sound. While many may be a bit thrown off, I was at first too, after giving it a few listens I’m tempted to say it may become one of my favorite albums of 2017.

Bringing a more 80’s sort of sound, the band starts off the album with the track “Vertigo”. Putting this track first was probably a smart decision, as it gives you a sense of what the whole album is going to sound like. Guitar, bass, drums, & vocals are all blended excellently, and all have nice tones as well. Next song, and the single/music video they released prior to release is titled “Neurotic”. I believe this is where it really shines, both instrumentally and vocally. With plenty of tremolo guitar picking, and drums that really bring the backbone, this track might be one of my favorites during these first couple of listens.

While I love the album, and the sound they’ve been able to produce, the only thing I’m curious about is how they’re going to pull off the harmonies. With tracks like Neurotic, or even Shy Vein, where it sounds like the harmonies play a big role in the sound. Shy Vein is another favorite of mine, mostly with how the guitars and vocals interact. There’s just always been something about guitars and vocals syncing up that really brings it home for me. One of the closer tracks “Youth” is another notable song, as I’m a sucker for exposed bass lines. The drums and bass on this song keep the song chugging along, while the guitars and vocals do their thing.

I only mentioned several songs but the entire album is a great listen, and just as Turnover’s “Peripheral Vision” has been on repeat for me since it dropped in 2015, this HUNDREDTH album will surely be added to that list. The consistency and flow from song to song is really what makes this album as good as it is. There are plenty of low points, but with that there are also many peaks in the album. HUNDREDTH will be on Warped Tour all summer long, so I highly suggest checking them out to see how this album is going to translate live.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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