Hobo Johnson is making waves in California

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A local rapper to the Sacramento scene known as Hobo Johnson broke onto the scene in 2015 and since then has been releasing content at a fast pace. I saw him at a show in Chico and his performance adds even more to the songs which are clever and full of talent. He calls his band “the Lovemakers”, which makes for Hobo Johnson & the Lovemakers. He released The Rise of Hobo Johnson and since then has been making a name for himself, along with his crew, in California.

One of his more notable videos is Dear Labels which he did a live rendition of. This video and song was my first impression of the artist known as Hobo Johnson. Right from the start, I knew that this guy was destined to do something that people needed to experience at least once. His lyrical flow is unique, combining some spoken word elements, along with some rapping. It’s definitely its own style and is refreshing to hear in a world of music that is trying to be like everyone else.

Recently he’s been back on this grind by releasing a music video for his song Sex in the City earlier this month, and now one for Romeo & Juliet. The best thing about him is that he uses all live instruments with some backtracks to provide a stable foundation. Romeo & Juliet is lyrically a great song, as well as a relatable one for anyone who goes through relationship drama or dealing with parents deciding to separate. The live delivery of all of his songs is genuine and apparent that he’s speaking from the heart about his own experiences.

Romeo & Juliet

You can catch him at his album release show at Harlow’s restaurant in Sacramento on November 9th!

Hobo Johnson Socials


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