Premiere: Higuera release anthemically powerful new single

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Higuera is an alt-rock band based out of Los Angeles with members from ever corner of California. Today we have the opportunity to premiere one of their new singles that goes by the name Blue Eyed Bear. Throughout the song, we’re given a nice range of variety of different influences. Some of my favorite parts are the very uplifting and anthemic sections, and how those areas relate and contrast with other sections of the song. Those anthemic sections are around the 1:50 mark, then suddenly dying down to just Valley singing.

This song truly feels like they’re having fun with it and creating something that is speaking from the heart. There are plenty of random stops during the chorus sections, as well as a plethora of different build-ups throughout the song that keeps the listener attentive and never knowing what to expect next. One of my favorite aspects is how catchy that lead guitar riff is throughout the entirety of the song, and how it interplays with all of the other instruments.

There are many different influences displayed on this track, some of those being bands like Balance & Composure, Microwave, and Seahaven. They seem to take these influences and blend them into their own sort of sound they’ve developed over the past couple years.

Their vocalist Valley Taylor gave me a brief description describing the song’s meaning:

The song is about going through seemingly worthless struggles in life to find something that doesn’t exist, the blue eyed bear. It focuses on how we are all united in our need for each other but ultimately end up alone.

Go check out the song on their Soundcloud right down below, you won’t regret it! Also available on all digital distributors

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