Higuera keeps the ball rolling with its newest single “R O O”

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It was only a few weeks ago that I wrote about my friend Valley, also known by his musical moniker Higuera. If you didn’t catch that, you can find the article for his song titled “Clover” right here. With this newest song, Higuera brings that familiar sound that they’ve consistently executed and made it a bit more mellow in some ways. Perhaps this is due to the incorporation of the acoustic guitar, regardless I love how varied Higuera’s material is while still staying consistent with the overall sound that the band has established. Many of the little guitar licks add subtly to the mix and create a nice background.

R O O Living Room Sessions

One of my favorite things about this song, along with many others that he has released, is the focus on creating vocal lines that sound so natural. Harmonies are always on point and Valley does a great job of conveying emotion through his singing. Most of the concentration is on the vocals, while still giving room for experimentation among the instruments so it doesn’t ever get too redundant. Overall, the songs a well-developed and artistically sound piece that doesn’t grow stale with repeated listens; in actuality, I find new things to focus on with each time I listen.

This appears to be the perfect track to sort of usher in the summertime feel, with its playful nuances that it evoked to this listener. At the same time, however, the subject matter eludes to how life is tough and that while we may think we want to die, we don’t, yet we’d rather not be alive. This clashing of ideals creates for an interesting take on the subject.

As always you can find all of Higuera’s music on all of the main music platforms(iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, Bandcamp)

Merch: http://higuera.bigcartel.com/

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