Hey! Look Music Festival: Greenville SC

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Hey Look Music Festival Greenville South CarolinaHey! Look Music Festival
Greenville SC 5/31/14
By Joshua Lowe

             When putting on an outdoor music festival there are a few ingredients that make for a complete success of the event or make it a complete. Those ingredients, being great weather, great promotion, and great music and it’s safe to say, Wes Gilliam and Thomas Creek Brewery, had all 3 on their side this past Saturday. Going into the weekend the percentage of rain kept dropping, which if you know anything about South Carolina in the Spring/Summer rain is pretty much promised every afternoon, but the weather was on their side and it held out. Wes and his crew could not have asked for better promoting this event. Between the media outlets giving coverage and the local radio stations promoting the event, there was no reason, if you were from the Upstate that you shouldn’t have heard of Hey!Look. An not to forget the awesome job Red Hype Agency in Greenville, SC, did at branding the event. Now outside of the weather, and the promoting of the event, the music was GREAT. When I spoke with Wes earlier on the event, he stated he wanted to give local bands a chance to showcase their music, that might not get a chance to play some of the larger events put on by Greenville county. Well, I can honestly say he NAILED it. From the moment The Lillies & Sparrows hit the stage at 2:00pm, to the moment Lionz of Zion played at 9:45, the stages were rocking. What made Hey! Look such a success musically, outside of the talent of the artists, was the verity of the bands. Hey! Look is not a Punk rock festival or a hardcore festival, it’s a straight music festival, and I can honestly say if you saw the flyer and said “Not interested”, because you didn’t know any of the bands you missed out. I’m 100% positive that out of the 14 bands that played you would have found at least 1 or 2 you liked. So in conclusion Hey! Look Music Festival was a success, and if it continues down the road that it’s headed, it will easily be a known festival in the Greenville area, just like Fall for Greenville or Freedom Weekend Aloft. Photos from the event will be up shortly, until then swing by our instagram or Hey!looks instagram to see photos from the event.

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