HARMED release debut EP ‘From Day One’ through Famined Records

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If you’re into the classic metalcore sound, HARMED is definitely a band you need to keep on your radar. The Hungarian metalcore band is one I featured before because I was so fascinated with how they were fully independent in their production, as well as business. Now that I’m able to hear their entire EP, it’s clear to see that they’re making strides. I’ve actually heard most of it, as they released 3 songs as singles in the months leading up their releases on December 15th of this year.

IAM is a classic short one-song intro, nothing too special besides that it sets the tone for what is to come. The transition from that into Speechless/Deaf is an ideal contrast, creating somewhat of a buildup into a chuggy guitar riff. Hearing this song the 2nd time around is much more refreshing to hear in the context of the whole collection of songs. Vocals are executed rather well, never backing down from their unrelenting manner that they impose on the listener.

Vetus is the only song besides the intro that wasn’t released before the EP dropped, but it probably packs the most punch compared to the other songs. My favorite aspect, though, is how it transitions quickly from this hard-hitting metalcore song into a softer clear vocal section, with yelling in the background, along with just some background noise, drums, and some guitar. After that we segway into a part where the clean vocals are the most present, although I have to admit they’re not my favorite. Compared to the screaming they do lack some strength to their release, or perhaps some more soul.

605 and Not Myself were both released as singles before the EP came out, with Not Myself being my favorite of the two. 605 has a great melody delivered by the vocals, even getting a ever-so-subtle hint of a falsetto at the end of the melody. Along with that, I enjoy how much more open the breakdowns are in 605, compared to a classic metalcore breakdown which is much more held together and not given as much room to breathe. In October of this year, I premiered their song Not Myself, which is even more impressive upon listening to it now. Maybe it’s just that section where the vocalist sounds like he’s going crazy, with a sudden transition into another unrelenting breakdown.

Listen to the EP for yourself down below!

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