GoonFest: For the People, By the People

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Coming straight out of California, today I’ll be featuring an exceptionally talented group of people who have been on a roll these past few years. Goonfest is unlike anything that I’ve witnessed. The sheer amount of positivity and good vibes embraced and the sense of community is awe-inspiring. In its overall theme, it embraces an entirely DIY mindset, always striving to make a positive change in the music industry as a whole. It is primarily a rap-focused event, yet hints of more hardcore punk slip in through different acts that are on the bill.

I’ve seen this once small scene grow from people’s homes to now being held at a legit venue, The New Parish in Oakland, CA. As you may notice from the flyer down below, this is Goonfest X Part 2. This series of shows has been in the making for quite some time now, only getting bigger and better with every new one. Goonfest X was held at 1078 Gallery(R.I.P), in Chico, CA and really solidified the idea that this was a growing force that cannot be stopped.

I was able to talk to one of the creators of this festival, a man that goes by the name Esquire Ali. This is just a hint of what he had to say regarding the movement:

“Everyone says the scene is dying so what we’re trying to do is help move the scene in a positive direction. Goonfest up to this point has been fairly DIY, embracing a ‘for the people, by the people’ approach. It is all-inclusive, focusing on self-expression, anyone and everyone is welcome. We want to build something that we can look back on and be proud to say we had a hand in creating.”

Just from my brief talk I can tell that these are genuine people who’s main goal is not money or fame, but rather just spreading love to everyone. No matter what your taste in music is, it’s hard not to be impressed by the overall message. If you’re anywhere near Oakland, go to GoonFest X Part 2 on November 2nd. This GoonFest will feature acts like Shop Boyz, Uncle Pill, Pervert, Tay Hundreds, Wade 08, Loner, and many many others. See flyer for more info.

Goonfest X Footage

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