All good things must come to an end, but not without one hell of a party! 

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      Back in 2006 I came across a Pop Punk band that took me down Ocean Avenue and change my view of pop punk forever. During that time we had pop punk kings New Found Glory and Good Charlotte, but once I found this California outfit, and how they took their love for punk rock and then made it their own I was hooked. I remember listening to Ocean Avenue for the first time and being blown away. From that moment on I fell in love with their sound. Now fast forward to November 17, 2016 and here I am at my 4th Yellowcard show and I’m here to say goodbye! I’ve been apart of several farewell shows, and tonight was something special. Charlotte, North Carolina gave the band the send off they deserve. In a standing room only venue there were people from wall to wall, singing, jumping and crowd surfing one last time.

      The band played a lengthy 24 song set, spanning their entire catalog. Kicking is off with “Believe” off Ocean Avenue. Followed by “Lights and Sound” which was cut short because some Dick in the crowd decided it was a good idea to throw a beer at Ryan. Who stopped the show and throw him out! Following Lights and Sounds, they picked things right back up with “Way Away”. Now I’m not going to bore you with a song by song review of this show. What I am going to tell you is there’s something special about this tour. Walking in the door, the energy was just different. As a concert photographer, I’ve shot 350+ shows in almost 4 years and there’s only been 1 other show I’ve been a part of that had this kind of energy and that was the Underoath reunion show earlier this year. From the moment the lights went dim and the crowd began to chant “Yellowcard!, Yellowcard!, Yellowcard!” you knew this was going to be a special evening. From the moment the first note was sung, the crowd was singing along, jumping up and down, and crowd surfing. As I stood side stage after my 3 songs in the photo pit, and watched, you could tell the band was feeding off the energy in the room. At one point Ryan mentioned the record, and thanked the crowd for being there, and made a comment along the lines, “Whether you’ve been a long time Yellowcard fan, or Ocean Avenue was your jam back in 7th grade thank you for being here. We’re going to play some new stuff and some old stuff. If we play a song you don’t know the words to, then just make something up. Whatever you do Don’t Stop Singing.” It was at that point that it was clear the Final Tour was just as much for the band as it was for the fans.
        To wrap up. this tour is something special. Energy is unreal, the stage set up is great. They had great lighting. The band is going to play everyone’s favorite songs and some new ones. Remember this tour is just as much for the band as it is for the fans. I’ve been a part of several Yellowcard shows and this tour is really special and you do not want to miss it.
Lights and Sounds
Way Away
Always Summer
Five Becomes Four
Rest in Peace
What Appears
Rough Landing, Holly
Light up the Sky
Sing For Me
Transmission Home
A Place We Set Afire
Lift a Sail
Gifts and Curses
Cut Me, Mick
Empty Apartment
October Nights
Hang you Up
Be The Young
Holly Wood Died
Only one
Ocean Avenue
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