Goner release new debut EP “The Things That Keep Me Up”

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Last month we premiered this bands debut single titled Buried and now we’ll be sharing their entire first EP here. You can find our thoughts on the single here. As for the whole EP, every song adds to the bands sounds in its own way while still being a cohesive album. They’ve kept that emo-rock sound and put their own version of it out that almost veers onto a pop-punk energy at times. For instance in songs like Lie To Me and Sillhouette we get instances of this more high energy and bouncy feel to the songs. Sillhouette is a great example partly because of the guitar intro that sets the feel of the whole song while adding in different elements that keep the listener on their toes.

Hollow is definitely my favorite track on the album, due to the killer guitar tone at the beginning of the song, which suddenly turns into this heavy hitting instrumental section. There were also more apparent harmonies occurring in the background of the song, which I think they should try to do more of as they continue to release material. Around 1:50 is another killer guitar lick that I still have stuck in my head. Later in the song, we hear a spoken word section with an exposed bass that compliments the mix very well, which then ends the song with a sweet tremolo guitar and hard-hitting instrumental.

The Things That Keep Me Up is not only the name of the EP but it happens to be one of my other favorite songs. It also speaks on the emotions many of us feel at this stage in our life(early 20’s and on) where we’re technically adults but still figuring out how the world works. Their singer’s vocal performance veers on the side of yelling which adds to the depth and emotion that the song is meant to convey. Overall this is a solid debut; I wish they would have done a bit more harmonization but there’s plenty of time for the band to expand on their sound and incorporate even more influences of theirs.

You can stream the entire EP at their Bandcamp right down below!

It will be available for download on all other streaming services and online stores (Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, etc). Physical cd’s available for purchase.

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