Glassjaw announce first album in 15 years and drop new single

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It’s fair to say 2017 has been anything but predictable. Whether it’s the political climate or the music scene, we’re seeing things being done that many of us never expected to see. This last week the NY post-hardcore vets in Glassjaw announced their long-awaited 3rd LP which is to be titled Material Control, coming out December 1st. It’s been a long time coming for many, as their last full length was Worship and Tribute, released in 2002.

Yesterday they released the track Shira which is going to be on Material Control, and it’s just as unrelenting as their previous music. It starts off with a dissonant guitar that’s backed up by a drum and bass combo which keeps the sound driving. When the vocals enter it keeps that heaviness Glassjaw is known for, while not sounding like they’re trying too hard to sound like they did over 15 years ago. This isn’t the first taste of Glassjaw we’ve gotten, considering about 2 years ago we heard NewWhiteExtremity, dropped around the same time of year on Soundcloud.

The new sound is a bit more tamed, which is to be expected with people growing older and shedding that angst of being a young adult. Not to say it doesn’t hit hard because it still packs plenty of punches for those who miss that old Glassjaw sound. We’ll have to wait until next week to see if the rest of the album lives up to the 2 singles.

Material Control Track List

1. “New White Extremity”
2. “Shira”
3. “11 Days”
4. “Golgotha”
5. “Pretty Hell”
6. “Bastille Day”
7. “Pompeii”
8. “Bibleland”
9. “Closer”
10. “My Conscience Weighs A Ton”
11. “Material Control”
12. “Cut And Run”

Below is the link to their merch store which you can find different bundles to pre-order shirts, cd’s, hats, tickets, other random accessories, and one even having an optional tattoo and meeting the band.

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