Email Q&A with Lawrence Taylor (Vocals) of While She Sleeps

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Southeast Pit Report Album Review for While She Sleep's Brain WashWhile She Sleeps
E-Mail Q & A
with Lawrence Taylor (vocals)
BY: Jason Gillis

SEPR: Back when you recorded your mini-album “North Stands for Nothing”, in a home studio nevertheless, did you ever expect all the support and success you’ve had over the years?

LT: Before I joined the band I knew they were a talented outfit, that was the main reason why I was interested in being a part of the sleeps from the beginning, however the support we got from our local scene and areas and ongoing support we keep getting from fans finding out about the band has been amazing from the get go. As a band I have to say we are continually surprised at the level of support we get, its incredible. From missing a flight due to bad conditions and through throat surgery our fans have always got our backs, they’re the best.

SEPR: What are some of your favorite aspects about being in the band?

LT: I would have to say to travel the world, that seems like the answer everyone would go to but when you get to travel the world with your best friends and see things that you never thought you would get to see it really is mind blowing. For example, today we are in Nashville, a place the band has never been to before, we are renting a boat down on a lake barbecuing, drinking and spending time with some friends, what more could we ask for, it makes the hard times of touring well worthwhile.

SEPR: After touring the U.K., Europe, America, and Australia what are your reactions to how your fan base has grown worldwide?

LT: For me writing a record is like painting a picture, you never know when you put it out to the world if anyone will be into it, if they’ll like it or even care in the first place. Especially with the market so saturated with thousands of bands when we spend a lot of our hard work and time on creating something that people like and it turns out that they do it really makes the whole process feel great. The fact that the sleeps vibe is spreading worldwide is always going to be mind blowing for the band, we hope the people find something different about sleeps and figure out that we’re not just another Metal Core band.

SEPR: To this point, what has been some of your favorite places to play and bands to tour with?

LT: We played for the first time in September last year we didn’t really know what to expect apart from a culture shock, when we got out ther, thousands of people knew the words to the songs, it was absolutely incredible, it was an experience I know I will never forget. Cancer Bats, Wovenwar, Papa Roach, Parkway Drive, Dead Hearts, just a few bands we have had great times with on the road.

SEPR: What were the emotions like for everyone having to have time off for your throat surgery? Were there any worries about you not being able to return afterwards?

LT: I think in the back of everyone’s mind that was always a worry but at the end of the day PMA is the key here we always knew that as long as Loz had a voice he would still be the singer of sleeps, he is pretty much irreplaceable for us, if we had to have a different front man I don’t know where the band would stand, it makes us feel sick just thinking of that, that situation would literally be hell on earth.

SEPR: What is the process like for you guys when it comes to writing and recording new material?

LT: We all pitch in really, Sean comes to the table with an idea or the foundations for a song or sometimes even the base layer for how we should sound then we all get our teeth into it and adapt the songs and move them forward, then Matt and I work on the lyrics together and figure out how it should work, but really overall I have to say everyone chips in, we all respect each other’s musical opinions and influences, we all like a lot of very different stuff, we feel that’s when it works best and also we think this gives sleeps a unique sound, nobody really sounds like us, do they?

SEPR: What went into this new album that separates it from your previous works?

LT: We spent a lot of time in the woods which I think helped contribute to the fact that Brainwashed came out as it did, realizing the level of commercialisation and advertising that is apparent in the media today was a big part of writing Brainwashed, there is a lot of stuff that gets pushed down our throats, into eyes and ears every single day, also we got to spend a lot of time on the actual sound of the record with Loz having time off and throat surgery this gave us a lot of time to tweak guitars and play around with the sound that we eventually found. We’re very proud of
Brainwashed and feel like it is a great step forward from This Is The Six in progression, vocally and in our musicality.

SEPR: What has been the most difficult part about recording this new album? What about the most fun?

LT: I have to say the fact that Loz’s vocals were affected was the most difficult thing about recording the album and made the recording schedule very difficult and also it was difficult for Loz himself, this actually turned into what was funny about recording vocals. Now when we look back on it, it was a very difficult time, it gave me the chance to explore different recording techniques and meet some great people, for example I recorded some vocals in Japan, across Europe and different studios and practice rooms and also even in one of our friends closets, so looking back this was hard work but actually quite fun.

SEPR: If you could jam with any musician or band from the past or present who would it be?

LT: This might seem like an obvious one but I would have to say Michael Jackson, obviously post freaking the fuck out, but the guy was a genius and his whole life is fascinating to me. Alongside him Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, I’d like to play some acoustic guitar with Justin from Thrice, that would be killer.

SEPR: What is the strangest thing you’ve ever been asked to sign?

LT: A huge double ended dildo!

SEPR: Hahaha, awesome! Well thank you for taking the time to talk with us.

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