Demon In Me refine their sound with their newest single named Choke

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If you live in the Northern California area, the Bay Area in particular, you’ve probably heard the name Demon In Me at least once. I first heard about them when they released their 2016 full length titled Here’s Your Way Out. While not being a bad record by any means, it wasn’t something that stuck with me. Recently, however, I had the pleasure of getting a glimpse at their newest song titled Choke. My favorite aspect of the song is its seamless transition from a sort of emo rock sound to a more upbeat and driving sound.

Production on this newest single is on point, with all of the instruments being easily heard without any of them overpowering the mix. Each has their own time to shine, with the vocals being acting as the focus during a majority of the song, however. My favorite section of the song happens to be the instrumental bridge, while not being incredibly technical, has such a huge sound to it that I can’t help but mention it. That flawlessly transitions into an exposed vocal section, then transitioning into a section which sort of mimics the bridge while acting as the ultimate climax of the song in a way.

Besides the 3 singles they released before they signed with Standby Records, this newest single is their first independent release since departing with their former label. What impresses me most about this particular song is the vocals which are layered with harmonies, while the instrumentation keeps the song driving right along. There are many moments where after the 2nd or 3rd listen I was already singing along with the lyrics because of how relatable and catchy they were. The only real flaw to this song is that I have to wait to hear more from this band.

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You can check out their newest single down below on Spotify, or on iTunes, Apple Music, and other music outlets.



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