Dead Lakes release music video for Still Raining

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Dead Lakes are based out of the Pacific Northwest in Tacoma, Washington. They incorporate elements of metalcore and post-hardcore into their powerful sound. I heard about them this past August when they released their music video for Bite My Tongue, which also enlisted the help of Atrocious Works Productions. The video in both are amazing but unlike their previous one this one has a message that is proving harder to decipher.

One of the best qualities of the song is how powerful the choruses are in relation to the other sections. I still have the chorus melody of “Still raining I’m going to set fire to this bouquet” stuck in my head. The instrumental is structured well and complemented by Sumner Peterson’s vocals. My favorite section that actually only happens once is “Don’t you dare feel alive This is where dreams come to die.” Maybe the fact that it only happens once is why I find it so much different from the other parts. Then finally at the very end we get a sudden build up into just vocals and a guitar tremolo guitar picking. It’s a nice touch considering it against what I expected for the ending.

Here is a statement from their band about what inspired the single:

Still Raining is about self worth. Still Raining is about feeling alone and feeling like the whole world is against you. This song is for anyone struggling with self worth and struggling with investing emotional value in others to be hurt later down the road.

This song goes out to anyone who has lost someone close to them to suicide. Be there for each other, love each other, and know that you are worth so so much.


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