Dance Gavin Dance announce dates playing Mothership in its entirety

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The other day the post-hardcore veterans of Dance Gavin Dance announced that they’ll be heading out on a rather small tour of primarily West Coast dates. Bands always announce tours but this will be interesting because the band is performing its most recent album Mothership in its entirety. If you’re not familiar with the album then you’ll definitely be in for a surprise because it is not only their most successful, but probably one of the best-executed DGD albums in some time. Both getting in the top 20 of the Billboard top 200, as well as all the unique merch items which were presented after the album had dropped. Some of those included smoking pieces, backpacks, socks, pillows, salsa(yes, salsa).

Most bands only do full album runs after its been 10 years, but DGD is ahead of the game in many ways by performing Mothership in its entirety. In 2015 they headed out on an advantageous 10 year anniversary tour of them being a band, involving both of their previous vocalists Jonny Craig and Kurt Travis. These kinds of ideas are some that many fans may have thought of even before the band, but for them to execute it, both in the U.S and Europe, was something other bands should take note of.

The flyer for this run coming up leaves us wondering who the special guests may be. Whether that’ll be some Blue Swan bands hopping on or another act that is on their level of success, we’ll just have to wait and see what the band announces. Another big question is whether it’ll be only Mothership songs back to back in their original order, or if they’ll surprise people with some of their other classics off previous albums.

Be sure to follow their pages to keep up with the band, because if there’s one thing that’s clear, DGD loves to nail people with surprises constantly.

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