Cory Brandan (Norma Jean/Hundred Suns) Thanks Local ARTISTS

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What would you do if someone who influenced your band or even you wanted to genuinely get to know you? That’s exactly what Cory Brandan of Norma Jean and his new band Hundred Suns wants to do. In the midst of all the drama with popular band Otep, it’s nice to see someone who has influenced a genre be so down to earth.

Otep has been scrutinized lately for her views on local bands and putting them down. Even banning them from selling merch during her sets! While Brandan could chill in a van or hang backstage, he wants to make time to talk to everyone who helps promote and play his shows.

Norma Jean released a new record last year entitled “Polar Similair” amd Hundred Suns have preorders up for their debut which saw a successful crowdfund campaign.

Read Cory Brandan’s post he made via Facebook below:

“I am very thankful to all the local bands from every city we have hit on any tour. Local ARTISTS I should say. Just wanted to say THANK you to all of you that have ever helped promote a Norma Jean show, and to the artists that will help promote the upcoming Hundred Suns shows. I have tried to remember on stage to recognize all of you night after night.

For any band jumping on the upcoming HS shows, please come say hey to me after the show. I want to try and remember all of you. I am going to think of ways to encourage you. I am not into panels, and webinars and things like that so much. Very disconnected and impersonal amongst other things. I prefer to talk in person and hyper focus on the details, or the emotion of the situation. Let’s get deep about some shit!

Thank you for your humbleness and putting yourselves out there for everyone to see and bringing your friends with you for so many tours that roll through. Any of those friends that come up front and sing along with either of us, unspoken in nature, they will become our friends too.

Having said that! Fuck anyone that has CHOSEN to forget when they were in that spot! You have chosen to discourage them instead, if even unknowingly. I know because I was in a spot like that before too. No one looks forward to admitting the times that they were wrong or on the wrong path, but taking responsibility for your words and your actions is FREEDOM!   GET SOME!!

See you all in August on the first ever Hundred Suns tour! The floor will shake!”

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