Concert Review: The Juggernaut Tour

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Periphery tour 2015The Juggernaut Tour ft. Periphery
W/Nothing More, Wovenwar, & Thank You Scientist
Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro, NC
By: Jason Gillis

    So with everyone having new music released in 2014, and with Periphery’s highly anticipated new album Juggernaut being released in a matter of weeks, they kicked off this awesome tour with a huge bang in Carrboro NC Saturday night!! A couple friends and I drove over 3 hours to be at the opening show and I’m sure we weren’t the only ones coming from far away, and believe me when I tell you none of them disappointed at all. I actually had the privilege to be involved in an interview with Shane Blay, the lead singer of Wovenwar, and it turned out great, he is a really cool guy. After learning a bit about the processes of writing for them it definitely made their show more interesting.
So first was Thank You Scientist, they definitely rocked the place, and in their own interesting way. Their style of music was a bit different than the rest but the way they integrated so many different instruments and had it flowing pretty great made it a kick ass setlist. Then on came Wovenwar, and to be honest their sound guy needed to have the volume up on Shane’s mic, but they still put on a killer show. Most of the songs they played were pretty spot on as they were on the record, which was really cool, it kinda made it easy to sing along. Next was Nothing More who absolutely blew it away. The energy of everyone during this setlist was insane. I really thought that Periphery wouldn’t be able to top the performance they put on. Finally Periphery is on and proved me wrong because they did end up topping the previous performance in my opinion. The energy of the crowd was intense, especially during all the new songs they played. Off the new album they played Scourge, Pshycoshpere, The Bad Thing, Alpha, and Graveless. They rocked the house when they played Scarlett, then acted like the show was over. After the chanting of the crowd for “one more song” they actually ended with two powerhouse songs, Ragnarok and Masamune, which completely blew the roof off the place!! The entire line up was just great and they all killed it, amazing show to say the least!!

         If you’re a metal head and you don’t know of any of these guys then you truly are missing out! Get off your ass and find the closest show to you off this Juggernaut tour and go check them out!! Go buy the new album January 27th, and go buy everyone else’s music, you will not regret it, trust me! Check out the interview with Shane Blay of Wovenwar and check out all the pictures of the awesome show!


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