Common Grounds say fuck growing up with newest music video

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Common Grounds summarize their entire message in the title of their newest music video “Fuck Growing Up”. Just so happens that it was held at the somewhat infamous, at least to us Northern California folk, High House in Sacramento. The video was directed by Ethan Parrilla of Atrocious Works Productions, someone who I know personally and featured his work many times since I joined with Soundlink. In an article with New Noise Magazine, their drummer Dakota Martin had this to say about the idea behind the music video.

“When we wrote this song, we knew immediately where and how we wanted the music video to be shot. A fat party was all over our minds and no other location would have been better than High House in Sacramento. We’re all just kids trying to have a sick ass time everyday we wake up. Fuck Growing Up.”

The idea is simple and to the point. Nothing elaborate, or in depth. Just all about having fun with your friends and living while we still have time in this world. “Fuck Growing Up” is essentially stating to live in the moment, just like we all did when we were kids back in the day. My favorite still from the video, and something you can find at any local part in Chico, is a beer bong competition taking place.

This song gives a big throwback to older school pop punk like New Found Glory, and Blink. Of course, they put more of a new pop punk sound on it to make it a bit more relevant to the times. It follows the typical pop punk formula that so many do, but the vocals are in a higher range than what a lot of vocalists of the genre are doing right now. Check it out for yourself down below!

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