Carolina Rebellion 3 Day Survival Guide

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Southeast Pit Report Carolina Rebellion 2016               If you’re like us when the World’s Loudest Month began to announce the dates for this year’s festival you were filled with excitement and could not wait for April to get here. Then they hit us with even better news, some shows were going to 3 FULL DAYS. Yea sure if you’re a Ranger (Someone who attends Rock on the Range) 3 days is nothing to you, you’re used to it, but for us Rebels, this is the first year of 3 FULL DAYS of Carolina Rebellion. Whether you’re a Rebellion veteran or this is your first year,  3 days full days can be tough if you don’t prepare for it. We’ve had the honor of working with Carolina Rebellion for several years now and let me tell you it will be one of the best experiences you’ll ever have at a concert, but we want to help make it even better.

5 things to have in your drawstring bag (1 drawstring bag is approved per concert-goer) Rise Against Carolina Rebellion 2015

1: Sunscreen (and reapply it!): This should be a no brainier here, however, it never fails every year we’ve been I’ve helped out some poor soul that decided to either not use it or not reapply it. Don’t be stupid pack a can or 2 of continuous spray SPF 50 and  — USE IT! Share it if you can.

2: An Unopened Bottle of Water 24 oz Limit: Another no brainer, but people still forget. Yes, there is water for sale inside the festival,  however, remember the vendors are there to make money and the water will be outrageous, so if the festival is allowing you to bring your own then DO IT! There will be refilling stations inside the festival grounds so you’ll be able to refill it as much as you need.

3: Money: Keep in mind you’re about to spend the next 3 days at a music festival. You’ll more than likely be eating at least 1 meal a day here, not to mention, water, beer, and Merch. So let’s say all you purchase during the weekend is 1  meal per day, you’ll spend on average $15 per meal so you’ll need at least $45 set aside for meals, then if you want a t-shirt or whatever. So at the bare minimum $100 spending cash for the weekend.Starset Carolina Rebellion 2015

4: A Blanket: No you’re not going to use it to curl up and take a nap, though you might, but you’ll want to sit down at some point throughout the day. On average when I cover a weekend at Carolina Rebellion I walk on average 6.5 miles between the 4 stages. Your feet will get tired, you will want to sit down at some point, so why not make it a little more comfortable. Beach towels work fine, you just want something between your butt and the ground. Not to mention is could rain and the ground might be a little wet.

5: A Poncho: If you don’t listen to anything else I say LISTEN TO THIS! This is an Outdoor Concert in the South in May. It rains, you will get wet. Don’t get pissed if you get rained on. Spend $5 get a poncho it comes nice and small, folded up that will fit very easily in your drawstring bag. Buy one you’ll thank me, just ask anyone at the 2013 Rebellion.

So there you go, there are 5 things need to have in your drawstring bag for Carolina Rebellion. 

Things to remember:

Lockers are available GET ONE: You’ll want a locker, they’re $50 for the whole weekend if you reserve them now CLICK HERE  and they’re worth it. Yes, we just talked about the things you need in your drawstring bag well that bag gets heavy and the straps wear on your shoulders in the heat.  You’ll enjoy your day a lot better without that thing on your back. Not to mention they have phone chargers build in. So get a locker.

Drink Plenty of Water: Like we said earlier, you’re allowed 1 unopened 24oz bottle of water per person. Bring one and drink tons of water. You can refill it at a refill station throughout the weekend. Remember you’re in North Carolina in May it’s hot and you’re elbow to elbow with 70,000 other people you’re going to get hot and there’s a chance of dehydration. Please drink water, you’ll have a better day I promise.

Plan Your Day: Go ahead and understand you’re not going to be able to see every band or at least not their full set. The festival grounds are to spread out for you to be able to get across the grounds to make it to another stage, not to mention some of the side stage times overlap with some of the main stage acts. So plan your day. The set times for each band will be released way before the show, so you’ll know what time everyone plays. There are also site maps available so you’ll know where you’re going. So plan your day ahead of time.

Leave early if you’re commuting each day: For lack of a better term Traffic is going to be a BITCH! I found this out the hard way last year. Just because you leave close, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get there quick. If you leave an hour away, leave several hours ahead of time, cause there will be traffic and you will be sitting in it for HOURS if you don’t.

Don’t be a Dick: It’s going to be hot (Most Likely) and there’s going to be about 70,000 + people. Tempers are going to flare, but remember you’re all there to enjoy music. Don’t start a mosh pit in a group of people that don’t want to be in one. Don’t be that guy. It happens every year. You’re standing there in a group of your new Rebel friends, and the favorite song of the guy near your group comes on. They’ve had a little too much to drink, they raise their beer in the air letting out a loud, WOOOOOOO! Then they start swaying back and forth, sticking their elbows out. Do be that guy, no one likes that guy, he’s a dick. So don’t be a dick.

Make Friends: Remember you’re going to be around 70,000 other music lovers for 3 days. Make friends,  you’re surrounded by people that love the same thing you do, so make new friends. Who knows, you might find some new concert buddies or might find some new friends that live near you that you can hang out with etc.

So there you go! If you’re planning to attend Carolina Rebellion, take these things to heart and you’ll have a great time. Tickets and Camping are on sale now and can be purchased HERE and we’ll see you in Concord NC, on May 6-8.


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