Calex stays on his grind with newest music video

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Picture taken by Natasha Doron 

Staying true to his work ethic, the rapper known as Calex that we featured last month is back at it again with yet another music video. This time it’s for the track titled Built which features Midnite Blacc for a verse. It stays true to the vibe of his last one, remaining high quality in production yet simplistic in its theme. Both artists sections were lyrically catchy, giving ode to a mix of mainstream and underground influences.

Built comes from Calex’s most recent EP titled “Nothing 2 Lose”. It hosts a variety of different lyrical styles, with artists like Because the Internet era Gambino and Isaiah Rashad. The inclusion of real instruments on other tracks gives them some substance that otherwise may not have been there. On Built we get the droning bass that is sure to rattle some windows when blasted at a house party. Featuring another artist also gives the song more depth to it. In particular, one of my favorite lyrics goes like: “Keep the flow goin’ no maxi pad”. There are random instances such as that throughout many of the songs that are cleverly done.

Calex uses some repetitive structuring, which at times makes the songs predictable. Regardless of that, I appreciate how with that he throws in catchy and clever hooks, and switches up the flow. For this most recent music video, Calex worked with Elia Danny and Mister Jackson to achieve this sleek production. This one doesn’t have much of a message to it, but by not overcomplicating things it leaves more room to appreciate the music for what it is.

You can check out the music video down below, as well as the entire “Nothing 2 Lose” EP. Social media links posted down below to stay up with what Calex has planned next.

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Nothing 2 Lose EP 

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