Bruce Springsteen, Lakewood Amphitheatre, Atlanta GA

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Bruce Springsteen: Lakewood Amphitheater
By: Lou Raimondi   
Growing up in New Jersey I’ve had the opportunity to see Bruce Springsteen numerous times, dating all the way back to the seventies. I had always seen him in New Jersey or New York, on his home turf, where he clearly draws from the energy of the audience. I’ve now seen him five times here in the Atlanta area, and it appears Atlanta is becoming his home away from home. Perhaps it has something to do with his work with Brendon O’Brien or his recording at Southern Tracks Studio here in Atlanta, but the shows are just as vibrant and entertaining. Saturday night was no exception.
The concert was scheduled for a 7:30 pm start time, but fans who have followed him on this tour say he had been coming on about 45 mins. after the scheduled start time. Saturday night, the concert started around 8:00 pm and wrapped up around 10:45 pm. Some felt cheated he “only” played for 2 hours and 45 mins. However, the Aarons Amphitheater has a curfew which was the likely cause of the earlier than normal start and abbreviated set. Only Boss fans feel short changed when their band plays for 2 hours and 45 mins. Most bands don’t have the material or energy to make the 2 hour mark.
The Boss came out strong covering the Clash’s “Clampdown”. You never know what Bruce will pull out of his hat, but opening with a cover from a band like the Clash was an effective surprise. Bruce made it clear early in the show songs from The River would be featured. He held true to his promise playing seven songs from The River, including: The Ties That Bind, Jackson Cage, Independence Day, Cadillac Ranch, Point Blank and Drive All Night and Ramrod during the encore.
For man of 64 years of age, Bruce is showing no signs of slowing down. The addition of Tommy Morello seems to have reenergized Bruce, as Morello has injected some of the spark that has been absent since the loss of the Big Man, Clarence Clemmons. Morello’s guitar playing seems to have brought out the best in Nils Lofgren and Bruce seems to be enjoying the energy of both guitarist. Morello had several signature moments, but my favorite was his play on The Ghost of Tom Joad.
Highlights of the show for this reviewer were: Adam Raised a Cain, High Hopes, The Rising, Ramrod, and Tenth Avenue Freeze Out. The night ended with Shout and AC/DCs Highway to Hell. The complete set list is below.
I highly recommend catching this tour if it stops at a town near you.

~ Clampdown
~ Adam Raised A Cain
~ The Ties That Bind
~ Jackson Cage

~ She’s the One
~ Independence Day
~ High Hopes
~ Just Like Fire Would
~ Thougher Than the Rest
~ Cadillac Ranch
~ Trapped
~ Point Blank
~ Heaven’s Wall
~ Seeds
~ Death To My Hometown
~ Wrecking Ball
~ Shackled and Drawn
~ The Ghost of Tom Joad
~ The Rising
~ Badlands

~ Drive All Night
~ Born to Run
~ Ramrod
~ Dancing in the Dark
~ Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
~ Shout
~ Highway to Hell

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