BREAKING: Miss Fortune Officially Over According To Members W/ Exclusive Statement From Mikey Sawyer

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Signs Of Promise

The reboot of former Sumerian Records band Miss Fortune seemed promising and bright as they made their return to the scene. A tour in Australia with Victory Records newcomers Awaken I Am and two new singles this year and late last year had their trajectory going up. The band became known for singer Mikey Sawyer’s powerful yet smooth vocal style which they were a standout on the Sumerian roster.

A History Of Misfortune

Mikey Sawyer/Singer photo via facebook

Mikey Sawyer/Singer photo via facebook

The band was removed from the label due to domestic assault back in 2014. Sawyer was arrested on those charges and fans praised the label for making the move and handling the situation the way they did, though the rest of the band made sure everyone knew that despite being dropped, they didn’t support his actions either. After all of that, he was not charged and was free to go.

The rebirth of the band seemed to have a new clean slate to start with rounding out Michael Skaggs of Outline In Color, Nicholas Taylor, and Josh Kikta with Skaggs and Taylor making statements about the band ending yesterday via social media.

Statements Of Confirmation

We have also received an exclusive screenshot of a message from Sawyer stating the band was done as well.

No reasons have been said by other members as to why with Skaggs taking to Facebook asking for no one to ask questions:

“To whom it concerns, I will no longer be playing for Miss Fortune. No questions please.”

To whom it concerns, I will no longer be playing for Miss Fortune. No questions please.

Posted by Michael Skaggs on Thursday, June 22, 2017

Taylor took to twitter stating he too won’t be fielding any questions:

Though the answer isn’t clear, speculation is out there that Sawyer has had an incident regarding his personal life that has caused the other members to reach a breaking point. We will continue to provide coverage of this as more comes to the light.

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