BREAKING: Hundredth and Being As An Ocean Tour bus catches fire

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A source close to the band has released that during the middle of the night the bus carrying both Being as an Ocean and Hundredth has caught fire. The source has stated that both bands and crew are OK, however, they’ve lost everything. Both bands are currently on the road all Summer long with the Vans Warped Tour.  Though there is no official word from the band’s camps, if they will be continuing with the tour, we’re relieved that both bands are ok. We’ll keep you updated as more info becomes available. The following was posted to FB.

“Where I am Right now it’s 5am and I’m standing in the street with Being as an ocean and Hundredth and we’re on tour with VANS, in the middle of the night we woke up to discover the entire bus was on fire, lost everything, currently watching firefighters spray the whole thing down, my phone is gone could someone please message my parents and let them know I’m okay, thank you, I love you all, just glad to be alive.  Will keep you updated.”

Being as an Ocean Hundreth bus fire

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