SOTP Episode #53: Balance And Composure

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On this week’s episode, we air our interview with John of Balance And Composure. Though not a man of many words, what he did say gave us some insight into the band’s creativeness and thought process when writing the new music. The interview was done before the show, but I must say that seeing them live for the first time and really listening to the vocals and music vibes, it has a Nirvana feel to it. Also, if you don’t know From Indian Lakes or Queen Of Jeans yet, go look them up as well! They were very well picked openers for this tour. So with that being said, could Balance And Composure be one of the next great grunge bands? Anyway, hope you enjoy this week’s episode!

Listen to find out about how tour life went with From Indian Lakes and Queen Of Jeans, how the new songs translated live to the crowd, and if Taylor Swift would like his smoking habits. As stated above, this is a short one, but it was tons of fun and to us Balance And Composure were sweet people.

What do you think about the band? Could they be the next great grunge band as stated above? Do you like the new style we hear on the latest album?

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