Austin Carlile: “I Have Been Working On NEW Music..”

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Austin Carlile is a rare type of public figure. Many times when a member of a band leaves or gets the boot, their popularity or status drops but a ton. This is not the case with the former Of Mice & Men frontman who has legions of dedicated fans some even stemming from 2008 when he recorded the first Attack Attack! album ‘Someday Came Suddenly’. When he announced the formation of Of Mice & Men not long after, you could say the scene broke and went crazy! Much like Attack Attack!, he was asked to leave the band he started in which he was later reinstated and never looked back until his health became too much.

For the better part of the year Austin Carlile has been undergoing treatments in Costa Rica for his rare heart condition known as Marfan Syndrome which due to his popularity has become more known. Fans of his have been following him on Twitter throughout his journey since leaving the band in December of 2016 to keep up on his progress, which even included him revealing he has begun coaching youth baseball in Costa Rica as well! He has since returned to the USA in California. However the question looming around has finally been answered, is he going to make more music?

Once again the answer came from twitter with this video:

As you can hear there isn’t a lot nor do we know if he will be even singing or if it’s instrumental music. Whatever happens with it or whatever the style it’s nice to see that it is helping him in this journey. He has been telling his followers that some days he can’t even leave the bed due to the pain and at one point said he lost his feeling in his legs. This tweet about making music goes way beyond people wanting it but for him as well:

We hope that he does recover and gets to a healthy state as well as making music HE wants to make and getting therapy from doing so.

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