Artist Spotlight: Castaway; Inspiration For New Music Video + More

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Castaway is a hardcore band from San Jose, California. Recently I was able to ask 2 of the members of Castaway(vocalist Nick Worthington & Guitarist/Vocalist Jon Banks) what gave inspiration to the music video, among many other things. They have a new EP titled Duality Of Love coming out on 8.25.17 which you can pre-order and automatically get the single “Falling in My Sleep”. Music video was directed by Ethan Parrilla of Atrocious Works Productions, and co-directed by vocalist Nick Worthington. They are also currently on tour, you can find all of that info on their facebook.


Bandcamp (Pre-orders)

So, Castaway has been quickly making a big impact not only on the west coast, but now the rest of the country. How have you guys managed to stay consistent?

Nick Worthington: We’ve been making an effort during the past year or so to stay consistent with touring, improving our live show, and the way we operate as a band. Every time we come home from a tour, we put our heads together and figure out what’s next, what’ll be the next step forward. We’re always trying to play new places and build on what we’re doing at the moment.

Jon Banks: It can be hard at times to stay consistent when you take jobs, bills, and life in general into account. But there is honestly nothing else we’d rather be doing. You gotta put 100% in if you want to take this seriously.

I noticed Ethan Parrilla of Atrocious Works Productions directed your guys video, how was it working with him? As the artist, and as a co-director?

Jon: Ethan is one of the hardest working people I know, and he’s a great friend. Working with him is always nothing but fun.

Nick: Hitting up Ethan to direct the video was a really natural decision for us. He came with us on a couple tours and he really quickly became a close friend of ours. I came to him with the skeleton for the concept for the video and we spent months putting it together into what it is now. Writing out the concept and co-directing the video was a new experience for me, it was the first time I’d ever been hands-on with video-related stuff for Castaway. We spent two days filming story and the third day doing story and performance. It was cool to work a little bit behind the camera this time.

So for the video itself, what inspired the concept behind it, and was it meant to give some kind of important message?

Nick: I came across the idea for the video while watching Amelie, you can probably spot a couple nods to it in the video. I found some of the themes in Amelie to be somewhat relatable to the meaning of the song. “Falling in My Sleep” deals with the feeling of being alone in your anxieties and refusing to share them with the people around you. Putting on a front to hide what’s weighing you down. In the video, the main character gives her kindness to the world around her but in her personal life, she’s neglected and tries to bottle up the sadness that follows that.

Do you guys have any plans for upcoming full length’s or EP’s in the near future?

Nick: This track is the first single off of our new EP “Duality of Love”. That’s gonna be coming out on August 25th.

Jon: We’ve been sitting on this new stuff for a little while, so myself and our other guitarist Ben have started to demo some things in the recent months. Probably won’t be seeing any of that for a good minute though (laughs).

How has it been working with both Pinup Productions and Arkham Agency?

Jon: PinUp is awesome and have supported our band since day one, honestly the best guys. Arkham is great and have a killer roster that I’m honored to be a part of. Love the team we have behind us!

Nick: PinUp and Arkham have been nothing short of great for us. Working with PinUp came naturally to us since Joel Haston has been a close friend of ours for years. One day the stars aligned, we started working together, and we haven’t looked back since. Arkham was kind of the same thing, Sean Mott’s a good homie of ours and he got me in touch with Blaine Wood, who’s already killing it at keeping us on the road. It’s really awesome when you get to work with people who are already your friends. I’m super excited about it, we’ve got a great year ahead of us.

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