Andrés releases new single featuring Kurt Travis

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This year has been one of the best years for music, at least compared to the past couple of years. There have been notable releases across the board this year from bands like Glassjaw who haven’t released anything in over 15 years, as well as now defunct bands like Eternity Forever. What a better way to end the year than with an Andrés single though, one which includes Kurt Travis. Ever since my ears were graced with the sound of Andrés music I’ve never grown tired of what this guy constantly provides us. This time is no different.

When I had seen that Andrés and Kurt Travis were heading out on a UK & Ireland tour, I somehow knew that we’d be given at least one single featuring the two talented singers. Although it’s only guitar and vocals, the simplicity of it, along with the release date being Christmas day, give it a somewhat festive vibe. My favorite aspect of the single has to be the amount of soul and emotion that you can hear in the delivery from both of the vocalists. Their harmonies work extremely well together during the sections when they both sing the “I still trace your curves I still please your nerves“.

This single is a real testament to how much both of the artists work their asses off to deliver music they love. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more of Andrés as he heads out on a tour with Eidola and Capstan in February. Kurt always has something up his sleeve so stay on the lookout for whatever he has in the works as well; whether it’s Esque Records bands or his own solo career.

Down below you can find a stream of the track titled Multiverse, as well as a free download of the single on Andrés Bandcamp.

Free download of the song their Bandcamp, here

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