Album Review: While She Sleeps “Brainwashed”

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Southeast Pit Report Album Review for While She Sleep's Brain WashArtist: While She Sleeps
Album: Brainwashed
Released: March 23, 2015
By: Jason Gillis

    While She Sleeps is a British metalcore band formed in 2006 near Sheffield, England. Just before releasing their debut studio album in 2012 they won an award for Best British Newcomer. They’ve toured with such names as Bring Me the Horizon, Asking Alexandria, Parkway Drive, and even New Found Glory. The release of their second studio album, “Brainwashed”, is actualy the first I’ve listened to them, but I can easily understand why they have all the recognition they do.

    They begin the album with a quiet intro that goes right into a heavy, melodic song, “New World Torture”. The title track, “Brainwashed”, includes heavy guitar riffs, fast-paced drums, and strong screaming vocals. The album is broken up nicely with softer guitar riffs and even piano interludes. Finishing the album off with “Modern Minds” is perfect because the flow of the song follows the flow of the entire album. From slow and heavy, to fast and powerful, and in between with quiet, soft riffs, this song has a bit of everything, which sums up the album greatly.

    Hard guitars, deep bass, heavy drums, screaming vocals, melodic riffs, big breakdowns, and soft, simple interludes. The perfect mix to make a great metal band and these guys have it all. If you’re a metal head you will love this album, so go check it out!


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