Album Review: The Ongoing Concept “Handmade”

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Southeast Pit Report Album review for The Ongoing concept HandmadeArtist: The Ongoing Concept
Album: Handmade
Release: 6/17/15
By: Joshua Lowe

In 2013 a band from Rathdrum, Idaho (Yea I had to look it up too massive city of alittle over 7,000 people) released an album called “Saloon” that in my opinion will change the face of heavy music. This album peaked at 38 on the Billboard Charts, now just 2 short years later that same band as released their latest record and boy have they stepped up their game this go round. The Ongoing Concept is a band to me that is always looking to expand their sound and not do samething over again or copy what other bands are doing.
One thing that caught my ear right off the bat, was that once again the intro song for the album matched the album title. On “Saloon” the band had the open being sounds from a saloon. Piano player, people playing cards etc., this go round that followed that trend by having what sounds like a person riding in their truck, who then parks and begins to cut down a tree using an Axe. The sound of the axe then is matched with rhythmic finger snaps. It’s things like that to me that make a album. Yes, this album is musically amazing, but I love it when a band and producer think outside the box with the little things.
I’m not going to bore you with a track by track review, I’ll let you decide what your favorite tracks are, however I will give you a few of my favorites. For starters, “Prisoner”, this will be the most in your face 3 min and 15 sec, you’ll have all day. This track has to bobbing your head from the start and if you’re driving when the chorus hits, I promise you, you’ll have to check to make sure you’re not speeding. (Disclaimer: Southeast Pit Report, Nor The Ongoing Concept are not responsible for any speeding tickets you may recieve while listening.) This song has everything you’d want in a song, from guitars that will punch you right between the ears, to catchy choruses that you can’t help but sing with. Another track I’m really digging is the bands lead single off the CD “Soul”. With a catchy guitar intro and not to mention the bridge lyrics and vocal range with rhythmic clapping. Then there’s the track “Survivor”, which is the track that I picture in my mind when played live, there tons of stage drives, and fans trying to scream the lyrics into the microphone.
In conclusion, The Ongoing Concept are the front runners of the new wave of heavy music. This band if they continue to do what they do best and that’s make great music, will be a household name for their genre like bands liek underOATH and The Chariot. Handmade is a solid album, I can honestly say there’s not a track on the album I don’t like. I don’t do this a lot but I’ll give “Handmade” by The Ongoing Concept 5 out of 5 Stars.

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