Album Review: Sworn In “The Lovers/The Devil”

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Southeast Pit Report Album Review for Sworn In The Lovers The DevilBand: Sworn In
Album: The Devil/The Lovers
Release: 4/7/15
By: Trenton Worsham
The dark chaotic metal/nu- metalcore band known as Sworn In released what is perhaps the biggest anticipated album this year so far, and man did they deliever. Note: Their influence of My Chemical Romance in style translated  onto the  artwork,  perhaps could have been a sequel to Three Cheers had it been MCR who did this record, along with song titles (I Don’t Really Love You). All that aside lets get to the music. This album is full of heavy parts, but not the average kind. Every bass drop, guitar breakdown there are effects and technical sweeps building on the sound fans have come to know and love. Also a new addition, cleans (Sugar Lips, Lay With Me, I Dont Really Love You) to name a few. Also noting, in my eyes, the cleans kind of give the vibe or style Fit For A King did on ‘Slave To Nothing’ (Selfish Eyes by FFAK is a good example). The standout tracks for me are Sugar Lips, Pins And Needles, and Scissors. The songs I found to be the least were the single I Don’t Really Love You and Sunshine. Rating: 4.5/5

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