Album Review: Swallowed Alive release Kingdom Come EP

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Being in a heavy band these days tends to either make people love you, or alienate you. Swallowed Alive are showing us that they’re just doing what they love, and that they’re not just another name to be missed. In 2016 they released their full length Human|Nature, but now they’re back with their label debut EP. Having signed to We Are Triumphant, they’re clearly looking to kick some ass and take some names.

First song off this 6-song EP is titled “Kvlt Leader”, and man, what can I even say about it. It’s a great track instrumentally, vocals are powerful and raw, and the musicianship is jaw-dropping. At times it may get too concentrated on trying to be heavy, but then it does something to bring your attention right back. Major props to the drummer, especially from around the 3 minute mark and on. I was starting to lean away from heavy music, but Swallowed Alive might have me rethinking that entirely.

On to the next one, which happens to be the song they actually released a music video to in July. This track is called “My Anxieties”, and if you’ve ever wondered if deathcore belongs at a college party: it most certainly does. The music video might be even better than the song, but honestly the song is a banger if I’ve ever heard one. It has a nice two-step sort of feel throughout the song while still being able to venture into a tasteful breakdown. Check out the music video and song for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

From there it only gets heavier and more in your face, especially with subsequent tracks like Black Book and Heavy Reign. This is a band that with every song you wonder to yourself, “how much more heavy can I take”, with Swallowed Alive right there to shove more down your throat. Heavy music is sort of defined, as least in my opinion, by the vocals and drums the most. Guitars and bass play an essential role but drums and vocals is where it can really make or break a band for me. Check out the whole EP, it’s definitely worth the listen.

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