Album Review: Sleeping With Sirens “Madness”

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Album Review Sleeping With SirensARTIST: Sleeping With Sirens
ALBUM: Madness
Release: 3/18/15
BY: Trenton Worsham  

    It’s been a long two years for Grand Rapid’s Post-Hardcore/Alt Rock band Sleeping With Sirens. First off in June of 2013 they released ‘Feel’, which had mixed reviews and long time fans not ‘feeling’ it. That record debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200. Go to one year later, and SWS frontman Kellin Quinn scraps a full length because it wasn’t what he wanted the band to put out. That leaves us with 2015 and ‘Madness’.

     Madness is everything Sleeping With Sirens is, was, and becoming in one record. You have the heavy hitters, ‘Kick Me’ and ‘We Like It Loud’, the aggressive rock, ‘Go Go Go’ ‘Better Off Dead’, and the new with songs like the pop style ‘Gold’ and ‘Fly’, even getting folksy with ‘The Strays.’ Lyrically this record is honest, ‘The Strays’ can be seen as a more stripped down sequel to ‘A Trophy Fathers…’ off the 2011 record ‘Lets Cheers To This.’ ‘Better Off Dead’ goes through a story of girl battling suicidal thoughts and depression. The songs are all amazing and so far cannot pick out a dud, but that goes without saying there are its drawbacks. Throughout the record Mr. Quinn tosses in his ‘woos’ a bit too much. Other than that this record is the one SWS should boast with as their most complete record to date.
How one experiences this album is varied. If you expected them to go back to their heavier 2009 sound, you will be severely letdown and disappointed. If you were letdown the past two years with ‘Feel’ then this album will restore your hope in this band with this more mature structured sound and if you loved ‘Feel’ this record will blow your mind as to how much better and improved they have gotten.

 SPOILER ALERT: MGK does not return for a sequel.


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