Album Review Silver Snakes Saboteur

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Artist: Silver Snakes
Album: Saboteur
Released: 2/5/16
By: Jason Gillis

         Silver Snakes is an L.A. based rock band, having just released their third full-length album, Saboteur. These guys are a new listen for me, but they are one hell of a band. This new album is awesome, it’s trippy, it gets a bit strange at times, a good strange though, and somehow it pulls you in and you flow with it.

This album has a great mix of light and heavy feelings throughout. Their first single, “Glass”, is the perfect example of this. It has its rhythmic tempo through the entire song, with a heavy refrain and slow to heavy breakdowns. “Red Wolf” is musically one of my favorites, with a lot of musical interludes throughout the song. Soft, clean, echoed guitar riffs during the verses, into a heavy distorted chorus, slow breakdowns, screams, everything you could want in a great song. Ending the album is “The Loss”, which again is soft and quiet going into what I will call heavenly heavy bliss. This song sums up the album perfectly by putting the listener into a trance like state, embracing the music.

The whole album follows a rhythmic pattern that seems to drag you in, almost hypnotizing you, it’s easy to get lost in the music. This is definitely a big step in the right direction for them. This is a band to check out and to keep an eye out for in the future! Please go check out this new album, Saboteur, by Silver Snakes!

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