Album Review: Senses Fail “Pull The Thorns From Your Heart”

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07ee12_c0a1cc59abd3427f97a3879e218a6cd8 Artist: Senses Fail
Album: Pull The Thorns From Your Heart
Release Date: 06/30/15
By: Jason Gillis
So most fans know Senses Fail as a screamo band, but their upcoming album ‘Pull The Thorns From Your Heart’ has a much more metal feel to it this time around. The lyrics on this album really deliver an inspiring feel, talking much about learning and growing from mistakes made in the past. This is a very well mixed album, having heavy songs and slowing it down with a couple softer, strong songs.

     They start off strong with a heavy, fast-paced song, “The Three Marks of Existence”. Throughout the album is a perfect combination of heavy, light, fast, slow, strong music and lyrics. Midway through the album is “Surrender”, which breaks it up nicely. A light, slow rhythm with soft vocals keeps the flow of the album from being too fast. The title track, “Pull the Thorns From Your Heart”, has a steady, heavy rhythm that slows down into a softer, grunge like riff. Ending the album with “My Fear of an Unlived Life” opposes the opener by really slowing down and delivering a powerful lyric and vocal melody.

       As stated before, this album talks all about the transformation the band has gone through over the years. Living, learning, growing, maturing. Going from a hatred of ones self and contemplating suicide to learning to love yourself and make amends for your past. It really is inspiring to hear an entire album, not just a couple songs, based on the personal growth of someone. These guys have always been a really talented band, and this album has a whole new feel and is an amazing tribute to these guys. Highly recommended, check it out June 30th!!

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