Album Review: Red “Of Beauty and Rage”

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Southeast Pit Report Album Review Red Of Beauty and RageArtist: Red
Album: Of Beauty and Rage
Released: February 24, 2015
By: Jason Gillis
Red is an alternative rock band that’s been around for about ten years without as much recognition as more popular mainstream artists, despite having music good enough to rival any of them. Their new album “Of Beauty and Rage” continues their streak of excellent works. This album has every sound they’re known for, from the slow and soft to the upbeat and the heavy.
The first full song on the album, “Imposter”, is the perfect example of what the band is best at. It starts quiet and slow, gets heavier as it builds up tempo, and includes a slow, heavy breakdown. Soon after “Darkest Part” is another classically structured song by them with a great rhythm to it that really gets you to feel the song. “Of These Chains” is a wonderful soft song simply done with keyboards and amazing vocals. Then on a much heavier note comes “Gravity Lies” which really seems to kick things up delivering a hard hit. They finish the album with the last full song “Part That’s Holding On”, with again a great mix of soft moments with heavier, deeper feelings throughout.
This band has a way of structuring a song that is a bit predictable but is done to such a high level that every song ends up with a great possibility of being a big hit. This album is chalked full of songs just like that! Some might say that every song is put together the same, or they all sound the same, but I bet you they’ll have those songs stuck in their head. This entire album is packed with feeling, having every song speak to you in a way that goes from your ears to your heart. If you’re a fan of alternative rock, a fan of Red’s, or just a fan of well produced and great music then I highly recommend you get this album ASAP!

[Total: 2   Average: 4/5]

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