Album Review: Periphery “Juggernaut Alpha Omega”

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Periphery Juggarnaut Artist: Periphery
Album: Juggernaut: Alpha/ Juggernaut: Omega
Release: 1/27/15
By: Jason Gillis
For those of you who don’t know, Periphery is a djent style progressive metal band from Washington, D.C. The Juggernaut albums will be their 3rd full studio release; they also have 2 other EPs released. These guys are all musical geniuses and again they’ve created a masterpiece. This new release is a concept album so extensive they broke it up into a double album, and it has been in works for years and is finally here! For Periphery fans this has been a very long awaited and highly anticipated album and believe me it is exactly the powerhouse we were expecting!
Being that it is a concept album of course all the songs will fit together nicely, but they’ve done more than just that. The intro for “A Black Minute” on the Alpha album is nearly exactly the same as the intro for “Reprise” on the Omega album, with only a few words and a tone difference. On the Alpha album the end of “The Scourge” sets up and uses the same lyrics as parts in “Four Lights”. “The Bad Thing” off of the Omega album uses some same lyrics as the title track “Alpha” on the other album. Lyrics are shared all throughout both albums. They even share guitar riffs between songs too. Even if you don’t look at the “concept” of the album, the songs individually are still amazing. Songs like “MK Ultra” from Alpha and “Hell Below” from Omega are heavy and really hit hard. Then on Omega there is “Priestess”, which is softer and slower with an acoustic base to it.
Some of my personal favorites are “Heavy Heart”, “The Scourge”, “The Bad Thing”, “Priestess”, and both title tracks, although honestly both entire albums are really great. Like I said before, it’s been a few years that they have been putting this album together and what really shows through is how hard they worked and how closely they looked at every detail. These guys not only have the talent, but they have the passion and drive to put in the hours, all the hard work, they have so much knowledge between them to be able to put these together the way they did. Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega showcases the dedication these guys have to their music and it pours out of every song. Both albums tell a deep, dark saga and really deliver a powerful story on a grand scale. Seriously go get these albums and get ready to head bang your way through some amazing music. Listen to the lyrics and follow the man’s journey or simply just enjoy the music, either way these albums are amazing and completely worth the time to listen.

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