Album Review: Papa Roach F.E.A.R

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Papa Roach FEAR Album ReviewArtist: Papa Roach
Album: F.E.A.R.
Released: 1/27/15
By: Jason Gillis
Papa Roach has been around for a while and I’m sure everyone remembers them from their hit “Last Resort”, but if you aren’t really a fan then you’ve been missing out. Let me tell you though, even if you haven’t followed them in the past years, it’s never too late and now would be a great time to start. This new album is explosive, deep, and just plain awesome.
So this album showcases a little bit of everything we know Papa Roach can be, heavy and hard-hitting, soft and slow, rhythmic and catchy, even a bit of their hip-hop side. They open the album with a powerhouse song which is the title track “Face Everything and Rise”. It has that classic high octane feel that is so often associated with these guys. Near the middle of the album is “Gravity” featuring Maria Brink of In This Moment. This is where the hip-hop feel comes in, he raps the verses and they both sing the chorus which mixes things up perfectly in this song. It is personally my favorite on the album just from the way it was pieced together and the feel you get from the song. The album ends with “Fear Hate Love” which is one of the faster paced songs and it really can get you moving. It’s a really powerful song and a perfect way to end such a great album.
Every song on the album makes you feel something and that’s not always easy to do as an artist so it really goes to show the amount work they put in on this. This album was put together so well, it really shows just how far they’ve come in their career and show how talented they all are. Even if you’ve never heard their music before, this is definitely an album worth going and getting, highly recommended!

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