Album Review: Northlane “NODE”

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07ee12_2f4b8629ad41431ca9c5e8f59fdb6f5e Artist: Northlane
Album: Node
Release Date: 07/24/15
By: Jason Gillis 

     Northlane is an Australian metalcore band formed in 2009 and if you haven’t heard of them I strongly suggest you check them out. They released their debut EP in 2010 and after being a success they signed to a label and have been making awesome music since. This is their newest, their third studio album, ‘Node’, and has been said to have some of their heaviest work.

      They start off the album with “Soma” which gives you a little bit of everything that Northlane is. Its got heavy drums and guitar, it has the heavy vocals, and also some great clean vocals. Midway through the album is what they say may be one of their heaviest songs yet, and their first single off the new album, “Rot”. It has great heavy riffs, drums, and screaming vocals alongs with some fitting clean vocals thrown in. Finishing off with “Animate” rounds it off nicely, again having a nice mix of soft, ambient sounds and deep, heavy instruments, coupled with great vocals.

       This album features more clean vocals than their previous albums. Being something they wanted to work on putting in, it seems to fit perfectly and really sounds great. You can hear a lot of great rhythm and ambience that is different from previous works, and also still hear heavy riffs and breakdowns that remind you of where Northlane started. This new album is great in that it surely gives you the awesome sound that fans know combined with new sounds that show the direction the band is taking. I highly recommend to even the newest or slightest metal fan that you check out this album.

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