Album Review: Miss May I “Deathless”

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07ee12_f13aa5b3b9cb4280857ed922b1ca58ed Artist: Miss May I
Album: Deathless
Release Date: 8/7/15
By: Jason Gillis
     Miss May I returns this year with their 5th studio album and it does not dissapoint at all. It’s heavy, deep, it has speed, rhythm, it has everything a metal album needs and more. I saw them live earlier this year on the Frozen Flames Tour with August Burns Red, Northlane, Fit For A King, and ERRA, which i also wrote about. This new work only continues the legacy they are leaving in their wake, and they remain true to their nature, heavy, loud, powerful.
They start the album off with their first single, “I.H.E.”, which has a slow, simple intro that leads into a fast riff and drum patterns. The next single they released was the title track, “Deathless”, which has a slower rhythm, but is still just as heavy and hard-hitting. Mid way though the album is a song called “Arise”, it has a steady, heavy beat with great drum fills, guitar riffs, deep screams, and loud clean vocals too. They finish the album with “Born From Nothing” which starts off with a speedy riff and hard screams, and goes into even faster drums and guitar. The whole album has a certain consistent heavy feel to it.
They’ve always had a great heavy feel to them and this new album only makes it more so. Since 2007 they’ve stayed true to what they were trying to be and this album proves that. I seem to say this about a lot of bands i review, but it rings true that whether you are a fan of theirs or not, this album is definitely worth checking out if you’re a metal fan. This new album is loud and heavy and was put together greatly. Miss May I is definitely a band worth seeing live, and worth getting the albums, especially this new one, go check it out.

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